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Bear generator terms of use


By using the text generator and the generated bear (in short: motif), the user agrees not to use the motif in a way that is damaging to the reputation of the State of Berlin, or in a discriminatory, xenophobic, sexist, party-political, racist, violence-glorifying, radical or anti-constitutional manner. The State of Berlin and Capital City Marketing grant you a non-transferable, simple, free and limited license to use the motif. The license is for your private use only. It may not be used at product level. The motif is intended solely for use in your private communication. This includes use on social media, on your own websites or in postings. Furthermore, the generated motif may be used to design clothes, paintings or everyday objects, as long as a sale is not intended.

The user is not entitled to transfer or pass on the rights to the motif or obligations under the agreement to third parties. This expressly excludes the granting of rights to the State of Berlin.

If the user violates the obligations arising from this agreement, in particular the obligation, the user may demand forbearance and, if necessary, claim damages or indemnification from the State of Berlin. With regard to the contractual content of this agreement, Capital City Marketing is in no way liable under any assumptions regarding direct, indirect or special damages, compensation for expenses incurred in the performance of the agreement, consequential damages, damages with penalty effect, aggravated damages or other types of damages arising from the agreement or the use of the umbrella brand.

The user affirms that he or she holds all necessary rights to the motif, that the photos are free of rights of third parties and that no personal rights are infringed upon when portraying persons. Should third parties nevertheless assert claims due to the violation of their rights, the participant shall indemnify Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH from all third-party claims upon first request.

By participating, the user grants the State of Berlin and Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH the spatially, temporally and content-wise unlimited, non-exclusive rights of use of the motif free of charge within the scope of capital city marketing, reporting on it (regardless of the media used) and other marketing campaigns of the State of Berlin.